Our Services

Medicare Program Consultation
-Application completion and enrollment assistance
-Staff training
-System & Protocols for Medicare
-Admission Paperwork
-Prospective Payment System & Resource Utilization Group training
-Program compliance monitoring
-Utilization Review Services
-Contract Negotiation
-Therapy management

Facility Site Visits which consists of a review of the following:
-Sample chart review
-Quality Indictor Reports
-MDS Validation Reports
-MDS accuracy assessment
-Admission & Discharge protocols
-Facility Walk-Through
-Exit interview with staff
-Written report detailing our findings

State Survey Preparation
-Administrator checklist
-Director of Nurses checklist
-Policy & Procedure Development
-Environmental / Life Safety Code assessment
-OSHA compliance inspection
-Plan of correction development

Training Services
-Basics of Medicare
-PPS and RUG Education
-MDS training 101
-MDS training 202
-Case Mix System training
-Skilled Documentation

Case Mix Analysis
– Error percentage rate as determined by supported & unsupported MDS assessments
– Case Mix Index analysis and comparison study
– Staff training for MDS completion
– Program implementation for Restorative Nursing Program, Hydration Program & Toileting Plan
– Documentation tools for nursing