Agentive Healthcare Consulting, L.L.C. was formed in November 2001. We provide compliance, reimbursement, and operations consultation to healthcare facilities. Our goal is to educate providers so that they are not dependent upon outside sources for daily operations. We want to provide periodic analysis to ensure that the systems implemented continue be effective and to provide a status report to management. We currently service long term care facilities and rural hospitals throughout Louisiana and the South East.

Agentive Healthcare Consulting, L.L.C. has a commitment to build a team with then most experienced and knowledgeable Registered Nurses, Administrators, Accountants, and Billing Specialists to serve our clients.

We provide assistance with the completion of Provider Application (855) and we will track your application through the approval process by the F.I. and CMS. Facility assistance with meeting State Requirements and compliance procedures is also available.

Agentive provides in-depth training for your staff in several areas. Training programs can be individualized according to your facility’s specific needs. We typically cover such topics as Basic Medicare, PPS, General and Skilled Nursing Home Documentation, MDS requirements, Policy and Procedure revision as well as financial and clerical issues.

We can monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. A monthly review for at least three months after start-up is recommended. The frequency of our reviews thereafter is your decision. When we conduct a site visitation, we normally review your records and/or charts for Medicare compliance. We also examine the facility Quality Indicator report and MDS Validation reports. Facility walkthroughs can be done by request.

Prior to State Surveys, we provide guidelines for Administrator and DON alike and are ready to help with the Plan of Correction if indicated. We can offer assistance with the institution of records-keeping in such areas as Infection Control, Unintentional Weight Loss, Restraint Monitoring and Reduction, and Environmental Issues and will assist with an OSHA inspection.

We work with the Restorative personnel in an attempt to secure the best possible Case Mix Index for each facility that we serve, while assuring more comprehensive care for its residents.

All of our findings are shared with your administrative staff at the conclusion of our visit. Recommendations for improvement arise from a collaborative effort between consultant and staff. A detailed printed report will be sent to the facility shortly after the visit which will identify findings, recommendations, and timelines for compliance.

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